$7 Doctor Co Payment and $5 Extra for Prescriptions to Hit Hard

on your own health

The Liberal Government’s decision to slug the sick with extra fees and charges will hit our community hard.

Every time you go to the doctor, you will be hit with a new $7 fee. And $7 will apply each time you need a blood test. Sometimes you need to visit your GP many times a year. And each and every time, you will pay.

If your child needs to be vaccinated, you will still have to fork out the $7 co-payment. Vaccinations for children mean as many as 6 trips to the GP.

And then when you need to fill a script, you will now have to pay an extra $5 for each medication. The new payment for a PBS prescription will be $42.70.

Even pensioners and concession card holders will have to pay an extra 80 cents for every script, with the co-payment rising to $6.90.

The safety net will increase too, by a massive $725 over the next four years, meaning individuals will have to spend nearly $2300 each year before being eligible for the concession rate for medicines.

Pensioners and concession card holders don’t escape the safety net slug either. Over the next four years, the pensioner and concession card safety net will increase from 60 scripts per year to 68. This will mean the most vulnerable will have to pay much more before becoming eligible for free medication.

The Liberal Government has also flagged the possibility that the new $7 fee may apply even when someone turns up to emergency at a local hospital.

“Labor Governments built Medicare. But the Liberals are doing everything they can to destroy this great system,” Steve Dimopoulos said.

“Forcing sick people to make a co-payment every time they visit a doctor will hit everyone and mostly the people who can least afford it.”

“Rises to the cost of living affect many people in our community. Increases to car regos, changes to pensions, more expensive education – the list of Liberal taxes and charges goes on. Now the sick are slugged even more just to get basic health services and medicine. It’s just not good enough.”

After cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from the health budget, now Denis Napthine and his Liberal Government refuse to stand up to Tony Abbott about the crucial issues that impact our community.

Under the Abbott and Napthine Liberal Governments, it is clear that you are on your own.

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