Abbott Liberal Budget – Double Hit to our Community

For the second week in a row, residents in the Oakleigh electorate have experienced the negative effects of a Liberal budget.

The Abbott Liberal Government has delivered a budget that will cut to the bone and cost local residents much more in fees, charges and taxes.

The effect of last week’s Napthine Liberal Budget sees schools neglected, hospitals remaining under pressure, ambulance wait times growing and a public transport announcement that doesn’t make sense.

Surgery waiting lists are blowing out and emergency rooms are full. But the only solution offered by the Abbott Liberal Government is to increase fees.

“The Liberals have already made significant cuts to Health. Now, every time you need to visit the doctor you will have to pay $7.” Steve Dimopoulos said

The Abbott Government promised no new taxes, no cuts to the ABC and SBS and no increase to taxes on petrol. These promises have all been broken. Income tax is up and hundreds of millions of dollars has been slashed in the budgets of our public radio and TV at the ABC and SBS.

Driving a car too will become more expensive under the Liberals.

“The Abbott Liberal Government is stinging motorists again by increasing the tax on petrol. This rise comes on top of yet another price rise to car registrations by the Napthine Liberal Government.”

And just like the Liberals here in Victoria, the Abbott Liberal Government has no plan to resolve the jobs crisis. In a further blow to the economy, the Abbott Government will slash at least 16,500 jobs.

Skills and training has been hit hard too. Some TAFEs are closing and others are running at a loss as a result of major cutbacks in funding by the Napthine Liberal Government. Adding to problems in the education system, the Abbott Liberal Government will make it harder to get a university degree by increasing the amount students must pay.

“Under the Liberals, support for skills and training has been thrown out the back door. We are in the middle of a jobs crisis, yet both Liberal Governments refuse to invest to make sure people have the skills they need to have a decent career.”

“Residents in the Oakleigh electorate deserve better than these Liberal budgets.”

Abbott Liberal Budget – Key Points:

• Every time you visit the doctor, you will make a co-payment of $7.00

• Every time you fill up your car, you will pay higher taxes

• University students to pay much more for a degree

• The pension age to be lifted to 70 forcing people to work even longer

• A rise in Income tax – despite a promise of no increase to taxes

• Cuts to Family tax benefits

• Cuts to the ABC and SBS budgets

• 16,500 Public Service Jobs Cut

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