$7 Doctor Co Payment and $5 Extra for Prescriptions to Hit Hard

on your own health

The Liberal Government’s decision to slug the sick with extra fees and charges will hit our community hard.

Every time you go to the doctor, you will be hit with a new $7 fee. And $7 will apply each time you need a blood test. Sometimes you need to visit your GP many times a year. And each and every time, you will pay.

If your child needs to be vaccinated, you will still have to fork out the $7 co-payment. Vaccinations for children mean as many as 6 trips to the GP.

And then when you need to fill a script, you will now have to pay an extra $5 for each medication. The new payment for a PBS prescription will be $42.70.

Even pensioners and concession card holders will have to pay an extra 80 cents for every script, with the co-payment rising to $6.90.

The safety net will increase too, by a massive $725 over the next four years, meaning individuals will have to spend nearly $2300 each year before being eligible for the concession rate for medicines.

Pensioners and concession card holders don’t escape the safety net slug either. Over the next four years, the pensioner and concession card safety net will increase from 60 scripts per year to 68. This will mean the most vulnerable will have to pay much more before becoming eligible for free medication.

The Liberal Government has also flagged the possibility that the new $7 fee may apply even when someone turns up to emergency at a local hospital.

“Labor Governments built Medicare. But the Liberals are doing everything they can to destroy this great system,” Steve Dimopoulos said.

“Forcing sick people to make a co-payment every time they visit a doctor will hit everyone and mostly the people who can least afford it.”

“Rises to the cost of living affect many people in our community. Increases to car regos, changes to pensions, more expensive education – the list of Liberal taxes and charges goes on. Now the sick are slugged even more just to get basic health services and medicine. It’s just not good enough.”

After cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from the health budget, now Denis Napthine and his Liberal Government refuse to stand up to Tony Abbott about the crucial issues that impact our community.

Under the Abbott and Napthine Liberal Governments, it is clear that you are on your own.

Community Safety Suffers with Fewer Frontline Police on the Beat in Monash & Glen Eira

There are fewer frontline police officers in the Monash and Glen Eira region today than there were three years ago.

In the Monash police service area, frontline police numbers are down over 23%. And in Glen Eira there are nearly 32% fewer frontline police. Victoria Police Freedom of Information documents reveal out of 56 police service areas (PSA) only six have more police now than in November 2010. More than 20 PSAs have had frontline police cuts of more than 20 per cent.

In the Monash Area, frontline police numbers have been cut from 130 to 99. In Glen Eira they have been cut from 150 to 102.

Community safety is threatened with crime rates ballooning each and every year under Denis Napthine and the Liberal Government. In the Monash Area, criminal offences have increased under the Napthine Liberal Government by nearly 8%. And in Glen Eira crime has soared more than 15%.

“The significant reduction to frontline police officers in our local area is very troubling. With crime increasing across Victoria, the last thing we need are fewer police on the beat in our community,” Labor Candidate for Oakleigh, Steve Dimopoulos said.

“The Liberal Government came to office promising to make our streets safer. Sadly, according to the latest figures they have failed dismally. Crime rates have increased every year under this Liberal Government.”

Key Facts
• Offences have ballooned from 370,082 in 2009/10 to 406,497 in 2012/13 with 26 of 31 Victoria Police crime categories recording significant increases.
• The Napthine Liberal Government has slashed funding for Victoria Police by $100 million and cut 500 staff.
• The PSAs of Benalla, Knox, Monash, Yarra Ranges, Darebin, Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, Melton, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Wyndham, Yarra, Cardinia, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip, Stonington and Surf Coast have frontline police losses of more than 20 per cent.

Abbott Liberal Budget – Double Hit to our Community

For the second week in a row, residents in the Oakleigh electorate have experienced the negative effects of a Liberal budget.

The Abbott Liberal Government has delivered a budget that will cut to the bone and cost local residents much more in fees, charges and taxes.

The effect of last week’s Napthine Liberal Budget sees schools neglected, hospitals remaining under pressure, ambulance wait times growing and a public transport announcement that doesn’t make sense.

Surgery waiting lists are blowing out and emergency rooms are full. But the only solution offered by the Abbott Liberal Government is to increase fees.

“The Liberals have already made significant cuts to Health. Now, every time you need to visit the doctor you will have to pay $7.” Steve Dimopoulos said

The Abbott Government promised no new taxes, no cuts to the ABC and SBS and no increase to taxes on petrol. These promises have all been broken. Income tax is up and hundreds of millions of dollars has been slashed in the budgets of our public radio and TV at the ABC and SBS.

Driving a car too will become more expensive under the Liberals.

“The Abbott Liberal Government is stinging motorists again by increasing the tax on petrol. This rise comes on top of yet another price rise to car registrations by the Napthine Liberal Government.”

And just like the Liberals here in Victoria, the Abbott Liberal Government has no plan to resolve the jobs crisis. In a further blow to the economy, the Abbott Government will slash at least 16,500 jobs.

Skills and training has been hit hard too. Some TAFEs are closing and others are running at a loss as a result of major cutbacks in funding by the Napthine Liberal Government. Adding to problems in the education system, the Abbott Liberal Government will make it harder to get a university degree by increasing the amount students must pay.

“Under the Liberals, support for skills and training has been thrown out the back door. We are in the middle of a jobs crisis, yet both Liberal Governments refuse to invest to make sure people have the skills they need to have a decent career.”

“Residents in the Oakleigh electorate deserve better than these Liberal budgets.”

Abbott Liberal Budget – Key Points:

• Every time you visit the doctor, you will make a co-payment of $7.00

• Every time you fill up your car, you will pay higher taxes

• University students to pay much more for a degree

• The pension age to be lifted to 70 forcing people to work even longer

• A rise in Income tax – despite a promise of no increase to taxes

• Cuts to Family tax benefits

• Cuts to the ABC and SBS budgets

• 16,500 Public Service Jobs Cut

Napthine Liberal Budget Fails Oakleigh

Labor candidate for Oakleigh, Steve Dimopoulos today criticised the lack of support for our community, including little for local hospitals and schools in the latest Liberal Government Budget.

The Abbott Liberal Government recently cut $34.6 million from Monash Health putting even more pressure on our local hospitals. Waiting lists for elective surgery have continued to blow out, with over 48,000 now on the waiting list across Victoria. That’s an increase of more than 10,000 people since the Liberal Government came to office. Over $1 billion has been cut from Health in the last three and a half years of the Liberal Government

Response times for an ambulance continue to grow, with patients waiting outside hospitals because emergency departments are full.

And local schools have again missed out on much needed funding to repair and upgrade their infrastructure. Capital spending on schools has fallen by more than half under the Liberal Government.

“Despite claiming a budget surplus, the Liberal Government consistently refuses to invest in the services that matter to us – health, education, transport and jobs”, Steve Dimopoulos said.

“We need more support for our local community – but yet again, we have missed out”

The Liberal budget also contained a sting for every car owner, with registrations set to rise by a massive $32. This is the second big hike to registrations by this government, after an increase of another $35 in 2012.

TAFEs are still struggling after hundreds of millions was torn from the sector. Locally, the local Holmesglen campus is operating in deficit for only the second time in 30 years because of these cuts.

And the Liberal budget contained no real plan to address the economic crisis in Victoria. The unemployment rate in Victoria is at a 12 year high, with youth unemployment significantly higher.

“Victoria and our local community deserves better. We need more support for local hospitals, much more needs to be done to address ambulance wait times, and our schools deserve adequate funding to improve their facilities.”


Tony Abbott’s Liberal Government will cut $34.6 million from Monash Health – the largest health service in Victoria – putting more pressure on a system already in crisis.

In total, Tony Abbott will cut $277 million from Victorian hospitals. That amount of money could clear the elective surgery waiting list, or employ 3,000 nurses or open 500 new hospital beds.


Key Facts

  • The State Liberal Government cut $826 million from Victorian hospitals. Tony Abbott’s $277 million cuts were revealed in the MYEFO budget update released in December 2013.
  • Based on current funding levels, the cut to Monash Health would mean $3.4 million slashed from this year’s budget and $15 million lost in 2016/17.
  • The latest health data released by the Government shows Monash Medical Centre (Clayton) failed to:
    • Treat at least 80 per cent of all patients in the emergency department within targeted time
    • Transfer at least 90 per cent patients from ambulances within 40 minutes
    • Meet its targets for urgent and semi-urgent elective surgery patients

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