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Zoe was rescued from 5 years as a breeding dog just under a year ago now and has been living in Oakleigh since September 2013.

I really hate to think of the life she endured before but am happy that she now spends her days cuddling anyone willing to pat her, eating treats, going on walks and basically doing whatever her heart desires!

The Andrews Labor Government will crack down on puppy farms and introduce tough new measures to support animal welfare.

The Labor Government will provide the RSPCA with additional resources to tackle puppy farms and toughen up their inspectorate capacity to deal with animal cruelty. We will also work with the RSPCA and local councils to address this issue.

The Government will amend the code of practice for dog breeding businesses to ensure female dogs cannot have any more than five litters and reinstate mandatory breeding vet checks.

Pet shops will only be able to sell puppies that are supplied from animal shelters or Code compliant facilities.

Let me know of your support. Thanks, Steve.

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