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UPDATE: Thanks to your overwhelming support and incredible community action, at their February 2015 meeting, Monash Council finally voted 10-1 to reject the proposal to sell the Hanover Street site to developers. This was a big turnaround from last year where Councillors voted 6 to 5 to proceed with the process.

Over 200 people turned out to the council meeting to make their feelings known. The car park site will now remain in the hands of the community and the Rotary Market will continue to operate at this location every Sunday.

Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign. An amazing effort. Steve


Monash Council is proposing to sell the Hanover Street Car Park to developers. This sale will result in a 7 story residential and retail structure. Car parking in Oakleigh will be reduced, there will be more traffic and the iconic Rotary Sunday Market will have to close at this location.

This issue will be on the agenda at the next Meeting of the Monash Council, 24 February 2015, 7.30pm, Monash Seminar and Training Centre, 1A Atherton Road, Oakleigh.

If you wish to contact your local Councillor, their details are here:

I am strongly opposed to a sale of this site and voted against it while I was on at Monash Council.

If you believe this site should not be sold, please leave a message in the form below.

Warm regards, Steve

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