Members Statement 14/11/2017

I wish to raise a matter for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I seek is for an investigation to be undertaken into the intersection of Atkinson Street and Dandenong Road in Oakleigh with specific regard to the safety of the intersection due to the road’s surface. Whilst it may not be immediately apparent, this section of Dandenong Road is actually on a hill, where the outbound section of Dandenong Road is much slower than the inbound section and separated by a wide median strip. The real problem occurs around the middle of the intersection as Atkinson Street crosses Dandenong Road. The surface is quite uneven and I believe presents a possible safety issue for vehicles crossing over Dandenong Road and for those turning right from both sides of Dandenong Road and from both sides of Atkinson Street. I put on record my thanks for the minister’s hands-on efforts in making Victoria’s roads safer. I would appreciate his assistance to provide an investigation into this intersection.

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