Monash Council Portman Street Enhancement Proposal

Monash Council proposed to remove 14 car parking spaces and four loading zones as Stage 1 of a plan to remove 55 car parking spaces in Oakleigh. This was part of what they said were street works or “footpath enhancements” on Portman Street.

Removal of the car spaces would allow for more outdoor furniture, trees and outdoor dining.

However, most of the businesses along Portman Street are not hospitality. They are predominantly retail stores or butchers, bakers, banks, delis, nuts, fruit and veg, beauty, hairdressers, gifts and variety stores.

These are businesses that have no need for outdoor dining and would be hurt by the removal of car spaces which provide close access to their front doors.

While removing 14 car spaces might not sound like a lot – those spaces have the capacity to accommodate at least 140 cars every day – likely many more. Over the course of the week, they allow 1000+ visitors to local businesses.

Across Australia, decisions to decrease places where people can easily access goods and services locally have led to the growth of major centres which benefit multinationals at the expense of small, family businesses.

With car parking already sparse in Oakleigh, I won’t stand by a decision that could have negative and long-term consequences for the Oakleigh business district.

I am glad to see that Monash Council has decided not to proceed with the Portman Street Enhancements and I welcome enhancements that increase options for outdoor dining and ensure that our streets are clean, modern and sustainable.

But I will keep advocating to Monash Council to ensure that these changes are not at the expense of the community or businesses.


29 June 2023

Monash Council determined on not to proceed with the removal of the car spaces.

4 April – 5 May 2023

Proposal open for community consultation. 250 submissions were received by Monash Council.

5 May 2023

1 May 2023



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