Glen Huntly Level Crossing Removal

I am thrilled to share exciting news from our community. Glen Huntly is now level crossing free, a major step in our ongoing efforts to improve safety and convenience for residents and commuters. Removal of the 71st and 72nd level crossings, at Glen Huntly Road and Neerim Road, is a monumental achievement. The removal of these level crossings and Melbourne’s last tram square will significantly reduce travel times for 20,000 vehicles that pass through these intersections daily, providing much-needed relief to commuters. We also celebrate the reopening and resumption of train services at Glen Huntly station. This achievement was made possible through a 58-day, round-the-clock construction blitz, which included the reconstruction of the station, excavation of 64 Olympic swimming pools’ worth of soil and the construction of a 1.2-kilometre trench beneath the existing road. The newly upgraded Glen Huntly station now offers an improved, accessible commuting experience.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our local community for their patience, the resilience of our local traders and the cooperation of commuters along the Frankston line during the works. The revitalisation of the Glen Huntly station precinct promises to rejuvenate our local shopping centre and enhance our community’s environment. We are committed to improving our state’s transport infrastructure. With the upgrade of 37 train stations, 72 level crossings gone and work ongoing at 18 additional sites, we are well underway with delivering our promise to remove 110 level crossings by 2030. May I recognise the Premier, the former Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, and also fondly remember the late Louis Pakula, whose tireless advocacy as a local resident for the removal of level crossings in Glen Huntly played a pivotal role in this project.

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