Oakleigh Golf Course

I rise in support of the Oakleigh public golf course, the Oakleigh Golf Club, the Oakleigh Veterans Golf Club and the thousands of people who play at this fantastic course. Monash council is seeking community input on the future of the golf course – whether the golfing facilities should be improved or the course transformed into a park. Any closure will displace the local golf club and see an end to the 30,000 rounds played there each year. Accessible local sports facilities are of paramount importance. Oakleigh Golf Course is an entirely public venue offering an affordable and inclusive environment for individuals of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. We should be encouraging people to participate in sport and adopt an active lifestyle. The Oakleigh Golf Course has been a cherished community asset since the 1970s, and it should remain as an active space for sport in our community. I urge local residents and golf lovers to share their perspectives with Monash council as part of the consultation process.

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