Stop Closing Our Local Banks

The Stop Closing Our Local Banks Petition has attracted over 30,000 signatures 

Bank branches around Australia are closing down. In my community, the Commonwealth Bank closed its Carnegie branch on 29 April 2022. This follows the decision of Bank of Melbourne, Westpac and earlier the ANZ.

As of the end of April 2022 the were no banks left in Carnegie. Not a single one. 250 businesses, thousands of residents and no bank.

Banking is an essential service. They owe a duty to the community to provide accessible services for all community members. It should not just be about profits. 

Banks may be private companies. But so is Telstra. And Telstra is required by law to provide a range of services to the community that it may not otherwise voluntarily provide. 

We know that locals are angry about this. So are we. The Member for Higgins, Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP and I have been campaigning to put some pressure on Australia’s banks over the closure of local branches.

Together we can send a message to Australia’s banks – don’t put profits over people.


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